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Greg Peters
Executive Manager
(870) 269-3211

Meet Greg, he's the Big Chief around here. Greg started in the car business in 1990 and has a great reputation as an honest straight forward kind of guy! He's a straight shooter for sure! He's a bit loud and never shuts up but we tolerate him anyways! You can bet your boots Greg will always work hard to earn your business and do right by each and every customer!

Teresa Fields
Office Manager/Controller

Teresa aka "T" or "Sweet T" is the little lady that keeps up with all the numbers, bills, contracts, etc. She's basically our onsite accountant of sorts! She previously has 20 years of experience in the banking industry. She's super sweet and generally keeps the rest of us in line....kinda.

B.J. Burns
Operator/Customer Relations

Alright, this sweet little lady right here is Mrs. B.J.! She is the smiling face you see when you walk in our front door! She's also the sweet voice you hear when you call our dealership. Everybody loves B.J. because she's just a genuinely sweet person! If you don't like her, there's a good chance you don't like yourself! She's also married to our Parts Manager Tim so if he gets out of line just tell B.J. and she'll take a switch to him!

Mark Burgess
Internet Sales Manager

So this is Mark, he's a pretty good guy when he's asleep! Just kidding, Mark is a great guy that's been around the corporate car business in Central Arkansas for quite some time. He knows the ins and outs of the business and has done everything from Sales Manager to Finance Manager to running his own store. Mark is a really good guy and honest as the day is long. He's also one of the smartest guys in the store so EVERYBODY pesters him when they have computer issues. When Mark isn't at the dealership wheelin' and dealin', he's a big time family man taking care of his kids and doing whatever his wife Lyndsey tells him to do!

Tina Aydt
Sales Professional/Finance Manager
(870) 269-3211

Meet Tina, she started in the car business in 2009. Tina is an extremely hard worker and boy is she a pistol! Everybody loves Tina! This little lady works so hard that she gets here at 6:00am every morning and cleans the entire dealership and is ready to sell by 7:15am! She also provides the quickest, easiest, most laid back Finance Office experience you'l ever have! Be careful around Tina or you'll for sure be leaving in a new ride! Come see her today!

Bobby Hensley
Sales Professional
(870) 269-3211

Robert or "Bobby" as we call him served proudly in the U.S.Navy and started in the car business in 1978! Bobby is an absolute professional, honest as the day is long and an extremely hard worker. He's got a great reputation and is a huge customer advocate. Bobby is a great guy and quite the character! Come see Bobby and you'll be sure to leave in your new ride just happy as a lark! This guy is the definition of a true Patriot!

Brian McClung aka "Buford T. Justice"
Customer Relations/Security

Ok, so Brian doesn't actually work here but he can be found here 6 days a week in the morning time drinking coffee from the coffee maker he actually bought because he didn't like ours. Brian is a retired Police Officer from Little Rock and is now a Private Investigator when he's not pestering us.


Parts and Service

Paul Adams
Service Manager
(870) 269-4488

This is Paul. Paul has been in the automobile service since 1989. Paul is not only our Service Manager but he's also one of the top GM technicians in the entire country! We think that's important due to fact that he doesn't just relay what he's told, he's more than capable of diagnosing problems and successfully performing repairs himself! This guy knows service! He also likes really HOT peppers, trout fishing and LOVES a good practical joke! Paul is a great guy!

Tim Burns
Parts Manager
(870) 269-4488

Meet Tim, he started in the parts business in 1983! Tim's a super nice guy and a very talented musician as well! He's got a superior knowledge of GM parts and accessories so see him for all your parts and accessory needs. You'll be more than happy with your experience!

Miki Vanderwerf
Service Advisor

Miki, Miki, Miki....this gal is a hoot! Miki is most likely the first person you'll see when you come in to get your vehicle serviced. Miki is a super sweet person that's always full of energy and she'll always shoot you straight! She's got the cutest grandkids you'll ever see and ask her to see pictures of her English Bulldog "Tank"!

Zach Brewer
Parts/Service Consultant

Ricky Via

This is Ricky! Ricky is just one heck of a good guy and a really talented technician to boot! Ricky is young in the business but man he has really learned fast! This guy can really put away the groceries, too! If you refuse to pay your shop bill we'll just send Ricky home with you and I promise after feeding him a couple of days you'll realize the shop bill is always cheaper!

River Stevens

Meet River, this guy is really pretty quiet most of the time but I think it's because he's always working. He's a talented young technician and will always do everything he can to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape!

John Battaglear
Tire and Lube Technician

Meet "Big John"! Everybody loves this guy! I've literally NEVER seen John in a bad mood! He's always here and he's always working while cutting up at the same time. John is just a really great guy and very talented. He'll also be the first to tell you he's the best looking guy in the dealership! Gotta love Big John!

Clarence Sutterfield
Detail Manager

Here's ol' Clarence Sutterfield! Clarence could run for Mayor but he likes Roger Gardner too much to just dethrone him like that! Seriously, EVERYBODY knows Clarence! This guy is Stone County Royalty! He can tell you everything from how to properly tree a racoon to the best fishing holes on Sylamore Creek!  Chances are if you don't like Clarence, you don't like yourself!

Lee Fisk
Detail Foreman

Meet Lee! This guy is a character for sure! Lee is just a happy-go-lucky guy! He was born and raised here and he's a hard worker for sure! Lee's just a good guy and he'll definitely make you laugh!

Gregory Aydt

Lookie here, it's the new guy Greg! This is Greg's first job and what a great guy he is! This is the hardest working 16 year old you'll probably ever meet which is no surprise because his mother is Tina Aydt! He makes great grades and is one of the top high school band drummers in the state! He's here working for the summer but we like him so much we're gonna figure out something part-time when school cranks back up. We love this guy!